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spooky chocolate clusters


I love chocolate. I love chocolate so much that not a day goes by where it’s not on my mind (okay, okay, maybe not that obsessed), but any chance I get to make something that has chocolate involved I am all in. This Halloween I decided to make some spooky white chocolate and pretzel clusters. It’s super simple, cheap, and absolutely delicious! Plus - the little melted ‘mummy-like’ creatures are kind of cute…

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 2.10.08 PM.png

All you need is the following:

  • 2 bags of white chocolate chips (whichever brand you prefer - I go for Ghirardelli because it’s so smooth and creamy)

  • 1 bag o’ pretzels (again, brand of your choice - I like the Organics brand because they are nice and crispy)

  • Small (or large) sugar eyes (these can be found in the baking aisle of most grocery stores)

All you need to do is melt the white chocolate in a large bowl. You can do this in the microwave - stirring frequently to avoid the chocolate melting (I do about 15 seconds at a time). Or you can heat the chocolate chips up on the stove by placing a glass bowl in a saucepan filled with a little bit of water (make sure your bowl of chocolate chips sits above the rim of the pan).

Next - line a cookie sheet with some wax or parchment paper, and break up your pretzel sticks into little clusters (don’t try and be too organized here).


Once your chocolate is melted, using a large spoon dribble it over each stack of pretzels. The more random you are, the better your little melted mummies will look. After each stack is covered, go back through and add a thin dribble over each piece to give the sense of ‘bandaging’. Add your sugar eye balls in random spots (leave some with just one eye, others add three!). See how many different creatures you can make.


Once you are satisfied with your spooky clusters, pop them in the refrigerator until the chocolate hardens (this can take at least an hour - I left mine overnight to be sure). Remove them from the baking sheet (should be fairly easy if you lined it first), and either put them on display in your kitchen or package them up as a spooky gift for your neighbors.

- JR

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To download this ‘spooky’ sticker click here