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Melissa + Drew

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Melissa + Drew - Wedding Monogram

Weddings are such a magical time in a couple's life! For Melissa and Drew it was a time to have friends and family come together to celebrate their love for each other. They came to me eager for an elegant monogram to use not only on their wedding invitations, but also throughout other wedding decor. Using their initials I designed a clean, modern monogram that is simple and easy to read. Due to the fact that it is a minimalistic design, it can be applied to anything from invitations, stamps, seals, as well as printed or engraved on various media. The small branch element adds a sense of elegance which is what Mel + Drew were going for overall. 

Monograms are also great even after your big day. Use it as a stamp for return addresses, on holiday or thank you cards, even blown up as a print or wall art for your new home - I'm in love with the simplicity and multiple uses of these little designs!

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Some initial designs included floral watercolors, various shapes and custom initials. Even though these designs were not chosen for the final monogram, they are fun to share!

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M + D Monogoram_V01.jpg
M + D Monogoram_V012.jpg
M + D Monogoram_V014.jpg