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Sam the Sloth

Sam the Sloth

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Hi there - my name is Sam the Sloth!


I was made with love by a Mummy who was looking for the perfect stuffed animal for her little boy. I have nice long, thin arms and legs that are easy for little ones to tote me around. I love to snuggle, but am also quite happy to crawl around on the floor with my little companion. No buttons or scary items here - I am built to last and nice and safe for your little one. I make the perfect baby shower or birthday gift for anyone looking for a one of a kind children's companion.

I am roughly 17 inches tall and 3 inches wide

I am made out of linen and hypoallergenic stuffing

My arms are stitched in to my body, so the risk of them coming loose in your child's hands is very low


*As I am handmade with love, each 'Sam the Sloth' stuffed animal vary slightly in shape, size, and details [ which just makes me more customized to you and your little one ].

*Even though I am built tough and durable - do not leave me in cribs or bassinets alone with little ones under the age of 1. Just like any other stuffed animals, pillows, blankets, and toys, you never know what your children will get up to without your watchful eyes on them. Any items left in a babies crib/bassinet while asleep can be a choking or breathing hazard, so play it safe! This Mumma does NOT want to be held responsible for any harmful situations your child may encounter whilst being left unattended with this stuffed animal.